Grounding activities during times of uncertainty

The activities I created for this booklet are inspired from my practice as an art therapist. They aim to inspire others to express themselves creativity and to instil hope and positivity during a period in our life where we are experiencing lots of uncertainty and having to deal with challenging emotions and situations. 

You will be guided with step by step instructions and a list of what materials you need. You will also get reflective writing prompts to create a deeper understanding about your self, your needs and your own unique creative process. 

Art therapy is practiced by a professional but it’s possible to borrow ideas from art therapy to practice your own art activities at home.  These activities are often referred to as 'art as therapy' rather than art therapy. In many ways, creating art is like a form of meditation that you should definitely take advantage of. Creating art may help you to relax, reduce stress, and redirect negative thoughts. Engaging in art activities could be helpful because they require mindful awareness, or being in the moment.

All activities in this booklet can be done in the comfort of your home (alone, with your friends or family). The great news is that you do not need expensive and professional art materials and an art degree or special talents or artistic skills.

I would like to highlight that these activities do not in any way replace actual therapy.  Although art can be really fun, making art can also get us in touch with different kinds of feelings and ideas. Look after yourself and if things are getting difficult, speak to someone you trust - a friend, family member or professional.

I hope that you enjoy these activities and most importantly I do hope that they can bring about more positivity, creativity and hope!

Denise Scicluna

This activity will help you feel more grounded and connected with nature. During your walk in nature watch out for things that catch your attention - leaves, feathers, odd shaped stones or shells if you are by the sea. Pick them up, place them in a small bag and take them home with you.

Collage is an easy way to get involved in the creative process. This activity aims to instil hope, comfort and positivity. Start by picking magazines, newspapers and old books you find in your home, then play around with words and images to create your collage of hope.

We are craving connection with our friends, family and community more than ever during this time. We are spending more time online and on our phones to maintain our connections with others. In this activity you get to create your own postcards and connect with your loved ones all over the world in a different way.

Blending colours together and playing with different colour tones can have a calming effect on our mood and well being. Creating all of this in a circle provides a gentle and holding safety during the process of art making.

Making sense of our challenges and difficulties in life and turning them into a positive experience, can be tough especially when we have little control over the situation. This activity invites you to scribble and doodle either with your eyes closed, or by using your non-dominant hand using no judgement to create a beautiful mess.

Create and decorate your own resilience box. Use images and words

which speak to you and fill your box with meaningful items that you would like to treasure.

Get in touch if you have

any questions or feedback

or if you want to

share your artwork with me

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