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Art Psychotherapist and Painter

Born in Malta, Denise Scicluna is an art psychotherapist and abstract painter based in London.

Working regularly on her art work and exploring art making on a personal level is pivotal in Denise's profession. Her work is based on the understanding that an art work embodies the current state of being, imprinting a story on paper or canvas. Through her paintings, Denise shares stories, visions and playfulness with the viewer. 

Denise is an author of two arts and crafts books called Rock Art (2015) and Pebble Pets (2018), which are currently being sold in the US, Canada and UK. Denise has also founded Malta's first contemporary crafts market in 2010 called Patches Market.


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission/print requests or information, please get in touch.

London, UK

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