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I now understand the power of creativity. I  never knew art making could lead to so much growth and healing. I feel so connected with my forgotten creative side - thank you for your support!

Client - Art therapy 

Attending the workshop has really helped me focus on making time for myself again. So after work i try to switch off and do something relaxing for myself.

Boston Paul - Collage workshop attendee

I want to send you my big THANK YOU for being so supportive! 

With you as a supervisor, I feel nurtured, challenged and safe. Thank you! 

Elisa Fontana - Play therapist

For 2 whole hours I was lost into magazines & pictures switching off my mind. It was one of the most creative and meditative time I had in the last few years.

It brought me back in times when I was younger and I used to love making collage

Elisa C - Collage workshop attendee

My level of self-awareness as a therapist has grown so much thanks to Denise's support and warmth.

Charlene Podaco - Supervisee

The creative and welcoming atmosphere set by Denise helped me forget the outside world for a little while, and focus on a creative activity and self reflection.

Loved it and want to do it again!

Djo Armani - Collage workshop attendee

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