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Published books

"I enjoy textures and unique forms of nature a lot. Pebble art started as my fascination of the natural occurring shapes of stones I would find and how I could work with them, creating something inspired by nature, within nature. I enjoy painting on the surfaces of objects being clay or pebbles and bringing them to life."

-  Denise Scicluna, Crafts Business Magazine, October 2018

In 2015 Denise Scicluna published her first arts and crafts book called "Rock Art". It includes over 40 fun designs and projects both children and adults can try out. The step-by-step instructions followed by vibrant pictures and illustrations shows you how easy it is to transform pebbles into accessories, home and garden decorations, games and more.

"Pebble Pets" is the second book which Denise Scicluna published in 2018. Similar to the first one, it includes clear step-by-step instructions which guide readers to transform their pebbles to pet animals.

Both books are being sold worldwide - online and in educational book shops across the UK, Canada and USA. Thank you to UK based publishing house QUARTO, UK publishers SEARCH PRESS and American publishers BARRONS for making these two books come to life. 



"Pebble Pets is authored by Denise Scicluna, who also wrote Rock Art. Pebble Pets is a great guide to creating cute and characterful animal rock art projects in a variety of styles. We love decorating rocks because its a great craft activity for the whole family. Its also a great value craft once you have invested in some decent pens and a bag of smooth rocks.

In Pebble Pets you can discover more than 50 adorable rock art ideas for animals in a variety of styles. Projects include woodland creatures such as foxes and squirrels, zoo favourites like pandas and tigers, birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, and a whole host of other animals for you to recreate. The instructions are really clear and theres even a chapter on what to do with your painted rocks once youve made them.

This is a lovely book for adults and children. Both my children have enjoyed looking through it. My 6 year old couldnt wait to make the polar bear and the step-by-step instructions were really helpful. Shes quite impatient when it comes to crafting but seeing everything laid out really encouraged her. I made the sloth as its my favourite animal.

- The Gingerbread House Blog, 2018