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Great discovery about myself - allowed me to really connect with my emotions and address a few challenges I've been facing. I would recommend the session to anyone who is going through a tough time or change in their life

K Owusu - Creative Rest Group workshop

Since entering The Transitional Space, I am more present day to day witnessing the beauty that surrounds me. I am able to unlock my creativity in a way I have never done before.

Using art in my journalling as a fun self-discovery tool, enjoying the mindfulness of process over the outcome and creating art which has so much meaning to me. I now lead with my curiosity, imagination over my fear.

This wasn't just an art course or art making practice, this transitioned me to living more in my authentic self with more clarity and a new way of healing with joy.

Words can't express the immense gratitude I have for Denise creating this joyful heart fulfilling space!

Maria E - The Transitional Space - 8 week creative online program

Denise is a kind, warm, loving soul. She chose fantastic source material  and made it relevant to us. I felt supported and safe throughout the entire program.

My life is now different because I now have some new tools to handle challenges new and old.

Doug Snyder - The Transitional Space - 8 week creative online program

For 2 whole hours I was lost into magazines & pictures switching off my mind. It was one of the most creative and meditative time I had in the last few years. It brought me back in times when I was younger and I used to love making collage

Elisa C - Collage workshop attendee

Thank you for everything. I’m so glad we found you! You have been a huge help to our 15-year old daughter and she is certainly a very different girl than she was six months ago. 

Client/parent - Art therapy

I want to send you my big THANK YOU for being so supportive! 

With you as a supervisor, I feel nurtured, challenged and safe. Thank you! 

Elisa F - clinical supervisee

The program designed by Denise was very inspiring and challenged my old ways of thinking about art and creativity. I stopped thinking that creativity belongs only to an elite group of artists and creatives but realised that we can all be creative in our own spheres and departments of life.

Denise's gentle encouragement and reflective questions created a safe space to explore this theme and others in a group setting of like-minded individuals.

I enjoyed this program tremendously and recommend it to anyone willing to explore their own creative journey. 

Anna Borg Bartolo - The Transitional Space - 8 week creative online program

Thank you again for your support over the last year and a bit. I really appreciate how understanding and kind you have been, and how comfortable I've felt in all our sessions. I hope I can hold the things I've learnt close for a long time.

Client - Art therapy 

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