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Getting Unstuck - free art activities

A series of 3 therapeutic art activities with the theme of 'Getting Unstuck'. Follow the videos below to try out these activities for yourself.

More information about this project: 



At times we might feel stuck and we are not able to identify why we feel the way we do. We might think that our life is going fairly well and little do we know what could be triggering what we are feeling. This may leave us feeling like we cannot move forward. Creativity can help us gain clarity, it can help us unblock a flow of movement, bringing feelings and realisations to the surface - to the centre of our consciousness. This activity includes a mixture of writing, painting and collaging.

What you need: Blank journal or A4 paper, paint, brushes, magazines, water, pen, scissors, glue


Each human being expresses feelings in a different way and we each have a personal visual language for expressing our emotional selves. Some might prefer using lines or shapes, while others find colour more useful. There is no right or wrong way to express emotions through art. In this activity you get to connect with your feelings and help your feelings move through you. This will be done by creating symbols for each feeling you choose. Try to avoid using stick figures or faces - instead reflect on what colour you associate to these feelings and what symbols do you feel represent them.

What you need: ready cut cards, scissors, pen, paint, magazines, glue


Art making is a great channel to allow worries and anxiety to be released. Once these are released, they can be transformed into something new. This activity will guide you through simple steps of expressing anxiety onto paper. Using paint to create an expressive artwork might feel overwhelming at the start. Remember to give permission to move with your creative flow.

What you need: 2 large papers, paint (water colour or acrylics), brushes, water, glue, scissors

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